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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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would string together money from a few different sources. abc2's brian cube learn joins us -- kuebler joins us with more. >> reporter: part of the revenue the city need can come from more than doubling the bottle tax. a hard sale, the mayor is proposing at tonight's city council meeting. the early flowers outside paterson high school can make the grounds look pretty. the mayor feels the quality city education might be slipping through the building's many cracks. >> the kids deserve better. sometimes it take as tough decision to provide a way forward for a better school system. >> that tough decision, in part, is more than doubling this fairly new bottle tax, jumping from two to five cents on sodas and drinks, the mayor hopes to raise the city's commitment to building and renovating schools
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by 140%, numbers that just don't add up for city grocers. >> we're at that tipping point where it's truly serious. >> sandy should be a familiar face by now. she own as buy right on hartford road and was against the first bottle tax last year. she and other grocers have seen a drop in business at two cents a pop. and they are fearful for what it could mean to their stores and livelihood. >> it truly is the truth. i mean, we're not trying to exaggerate. this is good for us. everything is. >> an argument the mayor says she understands but feels doubling down on the bottle tax should be part of her plan to build and fix schools. >> ema not inflexible. if there are ways we can
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strengthen the legislation to help them level the playing field, i'm willing to take a look at those things. at the end of the day we need revenue on the table. >> the new bottle tax is estimated to generate $10 million a year but it is one peels of a larger puzzle that could net the city $300 million in bonds to pay for the plan. for the latest on that deadly train derailment that killed three people in clan d.a. investigators have recovered the data recorder. the train crashed near toronto. it was traveling from niagara falls when it derailed. the cause of the crash remains under investigation tonight. foul play is suspected in the disappearance of a florida firefighter. he has been missing since february 16th. police are searching the home of 24-year-old daniel porter. they believe porter and his
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girlfriend may have been the last man to see him before help went missing. bangor police put out a bulletin for the couple. they have been released. >> our kids keep asking about him. she stayed with a friend. she prayed to bring him back. >> the wife said he made the 1500 mile to bangor to supposedly help out with a friend. she lost contact with him shortly after his arrival. taking a live look at your traffic, 83 and shawan road. it was a beautiful day with the weather we had today. so let's check in now with meteorologist wyatt everhart. it's been a great winter so far. >> it has. how much longer will it last a few more hours and we will cool off but we'll bounce back. take a look statewide just a few
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clouds passing by. comfortable this evening. get out there while there's daylight left and enjoy the 66 in -- in annapolis. cockeysville is 63. wind gusts have been up there a little bit, 15 to 230. the steady ones are 10 to 15. still light breezes blowing, 50s but comfortable. so enjoy it. we'll talk about the chance for rain going up toward mid-week and how things will change. sad news tonight. fans are mourning the loss of the barn stein bears cocreator. along with her husband, stan, they ill lus straight the books. the 88-year-old suffered a stroke on thursday and died friday. the first book was published in 1962. over the years more than 300 titles have been released in 23
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languages it. has become a rite of passage for generations of young readers. a confrontation caught on camera as someone doing explaining. what do you think happened here. plus a quick thinking wife helped save her husband's life. what she did when he started having a heart attack.
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it was a night meant to celebrate the love of cinema and it came true when it came to "the artist" it. won big. diane alvear has the wrap-up. >> reporter: it's the silent film that spoke to the hearts o hollywood. "the artist" nabbed several oscars including best actor for jean dujardin and big -- best picture. there were memorable moments, both funny and touching. hours later octavia spencer said
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she was still stunned she won best supporting actress. 82-year-old christopher plummer relished in his win. >> it reminds people that you still have a pulse. >> reporter: also proving that he's still got it, billy crystal. >> christopher plummer is 82. he may be walking up on stage because apparently he wanders off. >> reporter: the biggest surprise of the night, meryl streep. >> meryl streep, "the iron lady." >> reporter: a clearly shocked meryl streep won her third oscar, an award she said pales next to her true reward. >> it's the people. it's the people you work with and how much fun. it's really fun to make movies. >> reporter: another big winner sole soa.
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the academy awards garnished social media mentions up 300% from last year. diane alvear abc2 news slog -- los angeles. >> the ratings were up. the oscars may have helped with the return of long time host billy crystal. all right. a confrontation between robert kennedy's younger son and two nurses. he wanted to take his 3 day out for air. he went to the elevator but the nurses stopped him from going. the nurse falls on the ground. the nurse's lawyer said he twisted the arm of one nurse in. the family friends said their story is not true. kennedy pleaded not guilty to child endangerment and
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harassment. a man was killed after crashing his tanker truck full of gasoline in wisconsin. it burst into flames after the driver lost control, crossed the highway median and ended up in the westbound lane. the driver died at the scene. all lanes were closed as crews tried to clean up the mess. a portland man suffered a heart attack and it was caught on camera. wes rogers said his wife's quick thinking helped save his life. rogers had a heart attack at work and lucky for him his wife works in the office next door. she called 911 and paramedics worked to save his life. his heart started beating again and he is doing fine thanks to the paramedics and his wife. a killer whale had a long journey to his home. he was flown in a tank from texas and flew lay board a cargo
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plane. once the whale arrived at seaworld, he was put in the back of a flatbed truck. the 3,000 pound 19-year-old whale was born at seaworld in san antonio, nice safe journey. plus, it's -- is the price to fly about to go sky high? see how much an airline is about to add to their fare. not good news.
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moms are some of the most resourceful people on the planet. now they have a new way to lefthand a hand to each other across different time zones. it's a website that's growing in
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popularity every day, but no dads are allowed. >> reporter: gail lambert is a mom on a mission a mission that goes through cyberspace and called list the, a website moms can go to trade anything they need. >> they can trade personal items, clothes for a child, furniture, food, gift cards. >> reporter: lambert started list a wish in december 2010 when a friend who was expecting twins needed to find two waib -- baby beds. it has more than 9,000 members from across the united states. >> probably one in every state. lambert says she only lay louse women to register and it has become more than a place to trade needed items. >> it's neat to seat friendships. they may never meet, but they're there for one another.
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>> reporter: lambert operates from outside her owosso neighborhood and hopes to become an official nonprofit agency. that way she can collect things and ship them. it involved into an organization that helps women across the country. she's proud of the accomplishment and hopes the connection made on line will help moms get whatever they need. >> i like to see people helping. there's enough bad news out there. so i like seeing good things happen. >> all right. you're looking at baltimore as in the mighty tug, steam tug baltimore, that's right, one of maryland's tugboats. we got a good shot, 63 degrees. winds southwest at 10. on the whole, this has been a mild and pleasant day to say the
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least. safe fire blue skies. a few high thin clouds. we saw that at time. here's bel air, plenty of traffic in hartford county but under a clear dry sky. ellicott city nice looking finish to the day. remember, these days continuing to get longer as we push toward the first day of march. all right, maryland's most powerful radar that will continue and these temperatures again, very, very pleasant for late february, low 60s in dulles, winchester, virginia and in baltimore. winds have been from the south. it's been a warm southerly breeze with the sun cascading down. no surprise we reach highs. you see the steady wind in place in oakland, winchester in hagerstown. so these highs would reach well into the 60s in spots.
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60 in annapolis but 66 downtown. these numbers will be going to a much cooler trend as we go into the day tomorrow. let's look at some of the neighbors. reisterstown lucky to get to 50. 52 in har by -- arbutus. 53 in edgewater. these numbers will not be nearly has warm as they were today, a solid cooloff with the front coming through. but it will still ab dry and clear day. we're dry up and down the east coast. further west a cool front. it's that dry air that will make its presence known. mild southerly breezes. that will keep this mild as you head out. clear through the day tomorrow despite the shift in the winds and the cooler air. take a lock the our trend into wednesday. yes. collapses for rain going up with the new -- chances for rain going up with the new system. another front behind that system
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could mean more showers into early thursday. the more unsettled weather looks to arrive wednesday into thursday. overnight 35 and clear. tomorrow we'll cool this down but not bad, still above average for late february and tomorrow night a cool dry evening with a few clouds. take a look at the seven-day forecast. you're finding rain. temperatures dupe bounce back a little bit as we go from friday into saturday the first days of march, in the looking two terribly bad. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> now to democracy 2012 we are one day away from the next primary and abc2's tory dunnan joins us from phoenix, arizona. what are we looking at. what can we expect? >> things are looking up. the national gallup poll shows
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he has retaken the lead from rick santorum. want to focus on arizona and michigan. here in arizona what you have doing on is romney with the slight lead over santorum 39 to 35. in michigan it's a tighter race with santorum at 36 and romney at 35. both polls are in the margin of error. both are tide. romney is the candidate with the most to lose. a home state loss could be devastating. that, of course, would be in michigan. then you have one of the campaign advisers essentially promising a victory in michigan for that cnn debait. rick santorum's team is taking a different route. they're lowering expectations and could only be considered a victory. santorum's campaign is saying they feel like they have a win in michigan. essentially just because they have mitt romney running all over the place trying to protect
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that win. >> so we're about 24 hours out. or the candidates focusing on tonight? >> reporter: you have santorum and romney both in michigan. things got heated today at some campaign eventings. >> understand, santorum is a nice guy but he's never had a job in the private sector. the issue of the day is the economy. i think to create jobs to have a job as president who's had a job and i have. >> to be attacked on television as someone who is not an authentic conservative by a massachusetts governor is a joke. michigan, you have the opportunity to stop the joke. >> rn paul is also in michigan. he's a long shot as far as being the winner but the state awards its delegates proportionally. then there's newt gingrich. he's on his own path. he's focusing on the super
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tuesday date ises and hold agricultural -- tuesday and is holding a rally. >> we want to talk about the president. he's responding to some attacks fired at him from the gop candidates. over the weekend the former pennsylvania senator called obama a snob for suggesting that all young people should go to college. the president responded to santorum's comments. >> when i speak about higher education, we're in the just talking about a four-year degree. we're talking about somebody going to a community college and getting trained for that manufacturing job that is now requiring somebody walking through the door handling a million dollar peels of equipment and -- piece of equipment and they complaint go in there unless they have basic training beyond what they received in high school.
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>> meanwhile, the president's meeting of 25 wealthy donors who contributed to his reelection bid. jamie? >> coming up at 6:00 a woman robbed in the parking lot of a glen burnie walmart. why police need your help. and we all would do anything to keep our families safe, including making sure that the water we drink is safe but trying to check our water that chop get us scammed. i'm jamie costello. now here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. diane sawyer. >> getting to sleep at night is tough, so millions of women turn to pills but what you don't know about these drug cost hurt you. surprising findings that could help.
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get ready to pay more. united and continental are raising prices. american, delta and us airways always match the increase. discount carriers, southwest, jetblue and air tran haven't jumped onboard yet. what's behind the increases? fuel oil price, costs and the demand for seats. there are some things you can do. abc2 is working for you. search for flights heanl in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. if you can fly, fly on tuesdays, wednesdays or saturdays. those days usually have the cheapest fares. it's good to book at least six weeks out from your trip.
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have you been dieing to try out that now you have a chance to check this out for free. red box is offering free one yesterday yesterday rentals. reserve it on the company's website and you can walk up to any station to pick up a free video game rental. twisted metal and just dance three are only a few of the games being offered up in this promotion. police are looking for two suments-- suspects they say salted two college students at two different university's over the weekend. what witnesses have told police. that and more coming up with jamie costello which starts right now. you feel very vulnerable. never reports of any crime. >> that changed. towson reacts to a burglary and shooting of


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